Patricia Garfield

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., is a worldwide authority on dreams.  She is one of the six co-founders of The Association for the Study of Dreams and was the 1998-99 President. Her bestseller Creative Dreaming is considered a classic, and is available in fourteen languages.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Dreams

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Dear website visitors,
After many years of online publishing, Dr. Patricia Garfield has retired from active participation in this website. (Comments, Questions and Newsletter features have therefore been removed.)
In honor of her many contributions to the psychology of dreaming, the site now serves as an archive of her scholarly and creative work, maintained by Dennis Rivers, MA, her friend, fellow dreamer and volunteer librarian.

Click here for “Pregnancy and Childbirth Dreams” Article (PDF)

This article is based on material from Patricia Garfield’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams, chap. 6, Ballantine, © Patricia Garfield, 1988. You are welcome to this article for personal use, research, or teaching, but not for public sale, distribution, or online distribution. All rights reserved.