Library of Articles about Dreams and Dreaming

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Free Articles and Chapters from Books by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.


oniors_logo The Universal Dreams — From ASD Dream Time
by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
French translation: Les Reves Universels — From Oniros Magazine

dreaming-woman-logo-image-100pxw Politiken, June 19, 2004
“Hvad eventyrdigteren drømte”
(“What the Fairytale Writer Dreamt”)
by Kim Skotte [Originally in Danish]
English translation here in PDF ]

The Dream Messenger Dreams During Grief
From The Dream Messenger:
How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts

article_womens_dreams_mens Women’s Dreams, Men’s Dreams
From Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams

Jung-lotus-mandala On Dreams and Dreaming
with Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
Internview by J. Mishlove

article_pregnancy_childbirth Pregnancy Dreams
From Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams

article_nightmares_what_to_do Nightmares and What to Do About Them
A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Bad Dreams
(Also Useful for Adults).

article_nightmares_after_trauma Guidelines for Coping with Nightmares After Trauma
Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

  Questions and Answers about Dreaming
Responses to a Letter from Jennifer

universal-dream-key-patricia-garfield Interview about The Universal Dream Key
Electric Dreams 8(6), June 2001

hans-christian-anderson-small The Dreams of Hans Christian Anderson
A presentation at the 2004 meeting of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Newspaper Stories About (or Including) Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 03 13.54 Oregonians say exam anxiety dreams last years From AP News
The Oregonian — June 1, 2011

pgarfield-in-study Patricia Garfield – a life spent studying dreams By Katherine Seligman
San Francisco Chronicle — Monday, October 25, 2010