Creative Dreaming

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Creative Dreaming

Plan And Control Your Dreams to Develop Creativity, Overcome Fears, Solve Problems, and Create a Better Self

Patricia Garfield, PhD

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Comment by Dr. Robert Moss:

Patricia Garfield's classic work is one of the landmark books of the century we are now leaving. She takes dreaming out of the hands of tenured "experts" and encourages all to become active explorers of our personal dream experiences, and of dream reality, learning from cultures – especially those of the ancient world and of indigenous peoples – that value dreaming as a source of direct revelation on the critical issues of life and death. Her account of Senoi dream practices (though sniped at by some academic nitpickers as idealized rather than anthropological) provides excellent guidance on braving up to nightmare terrors and forging alliances with dream allies who may at first appear as adversaries.

I vividly remember discovering "Creative Dreaming" soon after it first appeared in the mid-1970s. I felt as if this queenly, elegant woman had picked up a sledgehammer and broken away some of the chains that had fettered our society's appreciation of what is actually going on in dreaming, and why we need to recover the ancient arts of dream incubation and dream healing. Patricia's book encouraged me to follow my own path as a dream teacher with greater courage and openness, and was a vital early influence in the research and practice that eventually led me to write CONSCIOUS DREAMING and the books that have followed. Before I ever met her in ordinary reality, she appeared several times in my dreams both as a guide and as a kind of anima figure. Thank you, Patricia, for all you have contributed to the rebirth of a dreaming culture – a dream I profoundly hope we will see fulfilled in the 21st century.