The Healing Power of Dreams

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The Healing Power of Dreams

by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. 

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Medical research has shown that what you dream about affects your body and emotions. In fact, your dreams can warn you of oncoming health problems, help diagnose them, suggest treatment, accelerate the healing process, and contribute to your lifelong health.

The Healing Power of Dreams is the first book to fully explore these exciting phenomena and show how to actively participate in your own healing by:

>  identifying and decoding special dream images that indicate the conditions of body parts and systems

>  creating a dream journal that helps you heal

>  "redreaming" unhealthy images to change them into healthy ones

>  writing and drawing your nightmares to release trauma

>  visualizing with your dream images to speed your recovery

>  making regular journeys to your inner dream temple to maintain vibrant health

Synthesizing scientific research with fascinating case histories, mythology, and her own rich dream experience, Dr. Garfield gives us the technology and insight to put The Healing Power of Dreams into our own hands.

 "Patricia Garfield artfully combines ancient wisdom, modern science, and personal experience in this unique and inspirational guide to the healing dream. Highly recommended."
Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., author of Lucid Dreaming