About Patricia Garfield

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Photo credit: Miriam Dalsgaard

World-class dream expert Patricia Garfield holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the author of ten books on dreams. Her first book, Creative Dreaming, published in 1974, was a bestseller. In print continuously since, with a revised edition (1995), it appears in fifteen foreign languages and is considered a classic. 
Co-Founder (one of six) of the Association for the Study of Dreams (now the International Association for the Study of Dreams), Dr. Garfield served as president during 1998-99. She is a frequent guest on American national television and radio (including 3 appearances on ABC's 20/20 news magazine show, 3 on ABC's Good Morning America, and 3 on CNN), as well as being a guest on shows aired in Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, and Japan.
National appearances include: January, 2007, Discovery Channel Sleep and Dream special; March, 2006, CNN special on Sleep and Dreams; Discovery Health “Healing Quest” series 2003-2004; and February 28, 2001, on Good Morning America, discussing The Universal Dream Key. Her website is popular with visitors from around the world. She has served as consultant for broadcasting networks in the U.S., Canada, and Britain, as well as for U.S. film directors. She acted as source for www.kaboose.com on their Child Dream Interpreter tool, launched February 2008.
Honors: Dr. Garfield’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (1968) is from Temple University in Philadelphia, where she also obtained her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology; she graduated summa cum laude, with Distinction in Psychology; received the Psychology Prize; the College Alumni First Prize; a National Science Foundation grant, and other honors.
Creative Dreaming was a Psychology Today book club alternate selection. Dr. Garfield’s The Dream Book is the non-fiction winner of the Parents' Guide Media Award for 2002 and was nominated for the Young Hoosier's Book Award 2004-2005.
Teaching: She taught psychology for several years, at Temple University; at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (as assistant professor); at California State College, Sonoma; and for the University of California Extension at various campuses, including Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine, and Santa Cruz. Currently, Dr. Garfield teaches Lifelong Dreaming for seniors at Dominican University, San Rafael, California, in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Having recorded her dreams for 60 years, Dr. Garfield has created perhaps the longest extant dream journal.
: In addition to Creative Dreaming, Dr. Garfield also wrote: Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala (1979, illustrated by the author); Your Child's Dreams (1984); Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams (1988); The Healing Power of Dreams (1991, also illustrated by the author); The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts (1997); The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World (2001); The Dream Book: A Young Person's Guide to Understanding Dreams (2002); Dream Catcher: A Young Person's Journal for Exploring Dreams (2003); and, Mourning Dove: Dream Poems (2007, with author illustrations).