Patricia Garfield

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., is a worldwide authority on dreams.  She is one of the six co-founders of The Association for the Study of Dreams and was the 1998-99 President. Her bestseller Creative Dreaming is considered a classic, and is available in fourteen languages.

Please note that Dr. Garfield has retired from active teaching. To honor her work, this website is maintained by her friend and web helper, Dennis Rivers.

The Dream Book

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Dear website visitors,
    After many years of online publishing, Dr. Patricia Garfield has
retired from active participation in this website. (Comments,
Questions and Newsletter features have therefore been removed.)
    In honor of her many contributions to the psychology of dreaming, the site
now serves as an archive of her scholarly and creative work, maintained by
Dennis Rivers, MA, her friend, fellow dreamer and volunteer librarian.

Winner of a Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award

The Young Hoosiers Award Nomination

The Dream Book: A Young Person’s Guide to Understanding Dreams

by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

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When you compare your dreams to what happens while you’re awake, your daytime life might seem pretty boring. Have you ever had any of these dreams:
– that you were flying on a dragon’s back
– that you were eating a hot fudge sundae
– that you were being kissed by your favorite movie star
– that your teeth were falling apart
– that you were riding in a car with no brakes
– that you were hunting for the room where you were going to take a test
– that you were falling through black space
– that you were soaring to the moon
– that you were running naked down the school hallway
– that you were wearing a totally cool outfit
– that you were nearly drowned by a tidal wave
– that you were trapped in your body
– that you found an extra room in your house
– that you were talking with someone who is dead?

If you have, then you’re not alone. All these have been dreamed by kids a lot like you. Welcome to the wild, weird, and wonderful world of dreams!