Your Child’s Dreams

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Your Child's Dreams

by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. 

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Children’s dream life is rich and varied. Not only can it express contentment or fear, joy or anxiety, it can also influence their waking lives.

Here is a guide that lets you, the parent, enter that secret world of your child’s dreams. Once there, you can help your child handle the real world by understanding the nighttime feelings and what they mean. Among the many things you’ll learn:
> What typical dream themes say about your child’s feelings
> What to do about your child’s nightmares
> How to encourage happy and adventurous dreams
> How dreams can be a source of creativity
A renowned psychologist and author of the best-selling Creative Dreaming, Patricia Garfield offers a warm, accessible, authoritative guide that is more than a "cope" book. It’s as important a tool as you will find in helping your child grow.