The Dream Messenger

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The Dream Messenger

The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts

by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. 

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"Sooner or later, all of us will have to endure the trauma of the death of a significant person in our lives…Regardless of your beliefs about whether there is an afterlife or not, one thing is certain: you will dream about the person who recently died."

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. has always been on the cutting edge of dream research. In The Dream Messenger, the author of the classic book Creative Dreaming shows us how to interpret our dreams of our lost loved ones, whether they departed recently or long ago, and how these dreams can nourish and enrich our waking lives.

Whether these dreams are actual contact with spirit or images conjured up by our own needs is not the issue: what we know is that we dream about the people we have lost, and that these dreams are extraordinarily vivid and emotionally charged and can alter the life and belief system of the dreamer. In the dream world, unfinished dialogues can be completed and conflicts resolved.

Synthesizing material from hundreds of dreams, Dr. Garfield describes typical dream encounters and what they mean to you, explains the nine common symbols that occur in dreams about death, and gives practical techniques and affirmations to use on your personal dream journey and to heal the wounds of grief.

"Our relationship with the dead is eternal. In our dreams, the dead have messages for the living. The living also have messages for the dead that can be delivered in dreams…This book will help you understand the nature of these dream exchanges…You will find guidance for enriching the relationship that still exists between you and the person who has died, and practical techniques for benefiting from your dreams in such a way as to nourish your waking life."