Pathway to Ecstasy

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Pathway to Ecstacy

Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala

by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. 

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In our dreams we touch our most intimate beings. Yet when we awaken and yearn to hold on to that vivid consciousness and eroticism, we don’t know how.

Patricia Garfield, author of the classic bestseller, Creative Dreaming, candidly reveals her own rich, sensual journey through a lifetime of dreaming and shows you how to chart your own pathway to ecstasy.

Garfield uses as her guide the sacred Tibetan mandala—a circle or group that is organized symmetrically around its center. As you become more aware of your dreams and learn how to remember, interpret, and even direct them, the mandala becomes a pathway through various levels of consciousness to mystic union with the center, the vibrant core within us all, the source of all life. Approaching the center of the mandala, you become your own guide on the road to spiritual transcendence and sexual fulfillment.

Beautifully written, filled with the wondrous sensations of joy and power that are ours for the asking, Pathway to Ecstasy is a book to read and use again and again for a lifetime of ecstasy.

"The way of the mandala can lead to altered states of consciousness, to lucid dreams, to out-of-body experiences, to orgiastic ecstasy, to healing states, and to mystic experiences. Finding ourselves is a forever unfinished journey."

"The overall effect of the book is compelling. Some passages are virtually hypnotic in their intensity."    New Age