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Schmoopie’s Dream 

When Schmoopie, the runt and sole survivor of a litter, is rescued from the pound, her wish for a new family is fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams.  Children’s therapy centers and humane societies use the entertaining and inspirational story of Schmoopie’s Dream as an additional healing tool.

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Delfine the Dream Girl  is the story of an eleven-year-old super-heroine discovering her power and learning to harness it. As she falls asleep, Delfine undergoes a transformation: her straight hair turns curly. This “curl power” lifts Delfine out of bed and sends her flying through the open window to land in the midst of a child’s nightmare.

Inside the nightmare Delfine helps dreamers save themselves using secret techniques she learns from the journals written by her missing parents. Her mother, an anthropologist, and her father, an archeologist, have disappeared on a “dig.” Delfine is trying to rescue them.

Delfine’s quests take her inside typical dreams of sleepers in different countries, cultures, and times (a kind of Tin-Tin meets The Magic Tree House and The Wizard of Oz). Delfine reveals how young readers become creative dreamers: she presents useful methods for coping with dark dreams; she shows how to use dream imagery for creative projects (art, poetry, songs).

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Winner of a…

Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award

The Young Hoosiers Award Nomination

The Dream Book: A Young Person’s Guide to Understanding Dreams
by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

The 2002 Children’s Media Awards are sponsored by Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media, Inc., a non-profit corporation that locates, reviews, and honors outstanding materials for children and teens.




Companion volume for The Dream Book:


Dream Catcher: A Young Person’s Journal for Exploring Dreams.
Tundra: 2003.

A guide for young persons, 8 to 10 years old, about their most common dreams.

Full of fascinating information for ensuring safe sleep and bright dreams
drawn from lore around the world, Dream Catcher also invites readers to begin their own dream quest.  more…