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Patricia Garfield

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., is a worldwide authority on dreams.  She is one of the six co-founders of The Association for the Study of Dreams and was the 1998-99 President. Her bestseller Creative Dreaming is considered a classic, and is available in fourteen languages.

Dream Amulets — 2012 Presentation

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Dream Amulets Around the World: Ancient and Modern

A talk presented June 23rd, 2012, Berkeley, California

From her global collection of dream-art objects, Dr. Garfield shares stories showing how amulets are designed to repel nightmares and attract lucky dreams. She reveals characteristics common in traditional Dream Guardians and Guides, plus their usage for maximum effect. Today’s dreamers may thus design amulets for specific personal or psychotherapeutic situations.

This 52-minute presentation was part of the 29th annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. To improve video performance, the presentation has been divided into three segments. (Please note: If you have difficulty viewing the video on this page, please click here to download from Adobe Corp. the latest version of the free Flash Player for your specific computer: PC, Mac or Linux.)

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